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MOTTO: Sapere aude "Dare to be Wise"
My Family

We are blessed with three children and now six grandchildren. Our youngest son, Joel, lives in Seattle WA and is a  proud member of the City Corrections Officer team. Aaron is our older son, and he and his wife Robyn and their many pets  and Malachi Jude Anthony, their baby(!) have a home in Fulton, NY and work with us in Nome, AK.  Aaron has his BA degree in Criminal justice and his Masters of Special  Education from Syracuse University and is our school's high school SPED teacher . Robyn has also recently completed her Bachelors degree from University of Phoenix and  her Masters at SU and is Nome Beltz High School's new Counselor.  Rebecca, our firstborn, is married to George Christophi. George, a native of Cyprus,is a Physician at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. They have five beautiful chldren,Marina, the 5 year old, Helen, the first girl, Anthony, their second son, and Panos, the eldest son and now, our newest family addition, Isidora, four months old in January 2019. Rebecca teaches the girls at home and has her M.Ed. from Syracuse Univesity as well. All three of our children are Christians and we enjoy our fellowship with them in Christ. We all seek as a family to glorify God and to "care for widows and orphans in their distress" James 1.27.

Some of the photos on the next page are of our family. Others are Lynn's paintings, available for sale as prints in different sizes (8"X10", 11"X17" or 5"X7" postcards) with 100% of the proceeds going to support children and orphans around the world. Please contact her at for more information and to see a catalog of her other beautiful, fanciful artwork-all part of  "Lynn's Colours" collection available to view at


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